1. Come and See


In the crowded market places
And the crooked alleyways
People talked about Him
They said, strange things are happening these days
Come and see, come and see

Andrew said to Peter
Brother, come along with me
We found the Messiah
Brother, He's right here in Galilee
Come and see, you've got to come and see

I've never seen Him
Never stood on Calvary
But the voice that called to Andrew
I have heard Him calling out to me
Come and see, come and see
And when your eyes are opened
Something happens to your heart
And you don't have to see Him
You don't have to put your fingers in the scars
Come and see, why don't you come and see

His name is Jesus
I don't understand it, brother
Somehow or other He loves me
He said, follow me
When I asked where He was going
He just smiled at me
And He said, come and see

He says, follow me
When I ask Him where we're going
He just smiles at me
I'm not afraid to come and see

Written by Emmylou Hubbard Espinoza